Educational programs

Aqeedah (Pillars of Faith)

Important Lessons for the Muslim Ummah by Al-Allamah Ibn Baaz (rahimahullah)
The Shahada benefitting only those who know its meaning
The meaning of the word – Islam
[Increase and Decrease of Eeman] Major Sins badly affects the testimony of Tawhid and makes his Iman weak, but does not render one a Kafir
The core of Ibadah is Tawhid; and around it always revolved the conflict between the prophets and their Ummahs
Dividing the religion into basic matters (usool) and minor issues (furoo’)
Where is Allah?
The meaning of the Hadith – Allah created Adam in His Image
The beliefs of Ahl al-Hadith By: Imaam Abu Bakr al-Ismaa`eeli [295 Hijri]
The blemishes of `Aqidah and the means to avoid them
Commentary on Al-Aqidah Al-Tahawiyyah by Allamah Ibn Baaz (rahimahullah)
The meaning of ‘the fundamentals of religion’
The meaning of the word ‘Islam’
Did the Companions differ on matters of Aqidah (creed)
What is ‘Aqeedah?
There is no difference between Aqidah and Manhaj
The best books on Aqeedah
Lumat ul-Itiqaad (Suffieciency in Creed) by Imam Ibn Qudamaah Al-Maqdisee
Al-Walaa wal-Baraa (Alliance and Disavowal )
Relationship between Dawah and al-Walaa wal-Baraa
Islam and its relation to other religions – A commentary on an article by Shaykh Jad Al-Haq, the Grand Shaykh of Al-Azhar by Allamah Ibn Baaz (rahimahullah)
Referring to the disbelievers as brothers
Apostasy (Riddah)
Whoever degrades or mocks Allah or His Messenger (peace be upon him) is a Kafir (disbeliever) and a Murtad (apostate)
What is the Islamic ruling on a Muslim man who curses the religion
if a Muslim who apostatizes and abandons islam deserves the death penalty, why does a non-Muslim who converts to islam not deserve the same penalty?
Tawheed Basics
What is Tawheed
This Universe must have a Creator
Faith in Allah
Ruling on reading books that interpret Allah’s Attributes in other than the way of the Salaf
The reason for the existence of the honourable scribes even though Allaah knows all things
The theory of Evolution (Darwinism) contradicts the Qur’an, Sunnah and Ijma
On Rulers and Ruling by the Sharee’ah
Loyalties to disbelievers that take one out of Islam
What has a higher priority: Aqidah (creed) or Islamic government?
All princes are regarded as leaders whether they rule in a monarchy or republican system.
what are the rights and duties of a ruler?
Al-Hakimiyyah represents one aspect of what La ilaha illa Allah means
The kufr of one who rules according to other than what Allaah revealed
Faith in the Hereafter
Minor Signs of the Last Day
Grave and the Barzakh
The reality of transmigration of souls
Do Souls of the Dead Return Back to this World?
Decomposition of the bodies of the Prophets and martyrs in the grave
Can the dead hear the living
Minor Signs
Faith in the Angels
Existence of the Angels
How many Angels are there?
Ruling on likening women to angels
The reality of belief in the angels
Which angels take the soul of the Muslim?
Faith in the Messengers
Proper etiquette when describing the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
Why do they mock Allah and His Messenger, and what are we to learn from it?
Allah defends the Honor of His Messengers
Ittibaa (Following the Messenger and his Sunnah)
Lessons from Abu Bakr’s (raa) dispatching the army of Usamah ibn Zaid (raa)
Explanation of the Hadith – Islam began as something strange…
The mistake of considering the habitual acts done by the Prophet (peace be upon him) to be a source of legislation and a Sunnah
Faith in Qadar (Predestination)
Does man have a free will?
Is Qadr an excuse for sinning?
Should Qadr be discussed?
Ruling on using the words ‘if’ or ‘if only’. When it is acceptable, and when is it not allowed.
Calamities and Ordeals
Showing patience at times of afflictions and seeking the reward from Allah
I was afflicted by many Fitnahs (trials) relating to my fiancé, family, friends, and my studies all at one time
Allah’s wisdom behind trying His servants with calamities and ordeals [Allamah Ibn Baaz]
Kufr (Disbelief) and its types
Do religious scholars have the right to declare someone to be a Kafir (disbeliever)?
Ruling on the one who mocks a Muslim woman wearing the proper Islamic Hijab (veil)
Offering Salah behind an Imam believing in ”Hulul”
Denying Allah’s Uluw and Tawassul through the Honor (as means to shirk)
Can the grave-worshipper’s ignorance of creed be excused
Prayer behind and befriending an Imam who seeks the help of other than Allah
Postpone takfeer until the true Aqidah becomes deeply rooted in the people’s hearts
Explanation of the “Shaikh Muhammed ibnAbdul’Wahaab’s book, Nullifiers of Islam” by Shaikh ar-Rajihi
Those to whom the dawah of Islam reaches and they remain on disbelief
When is ruling by other than the rule of Allah major Kufr, and when is it lesser Kufr
Actions that put a person beyond the pale of Islam
Animals slaughtered by those who supplicate to and implore other than Allah
On Ahl ul-Fatrah
The Destiny of Ahlul Fatrah
Major Shirk
Asking Allah’s Messenger to make duaa for you after his death is Major Shirk
Praying behind someone who eats from animals slaughtered for other than Allah
Slaughtering a black ram to ward off diseases
Allamah Ibn Baaz advices some princes on how to deal with graves and tombs that could be a means for grave-worship
A person who prays, fasts, and observes the pillars of Islam but supplicates to other than Allah
The Mushrik of this Ummah compared to the People of the Book
Offerings to Other than Allah is Major Shirk
On people of the book, the Jews and the Christians
Debating with the People of the Book or any disbeliever
Is it enough for Christians to live among Muslims to receive the Message of Islam
Studying the books of the ahlul-Kitaab, and teaching them to seekers of knowledge for comparing it to Islam.
Ruling on possessing and reading the Torah and Injil (Gospel)
Is it permissible for Muslims to read the Injil (Gospel) to know how far it is distorted?
Meaning of verse 10:94 – So if you are in doubt concerning that which We have revealed unto you, then ask those who are reading the Book before you
Magic, Astrology, Divination, and Soothsaying
Does a magician charm the eyes of the audience or does his Sihr (sorcery) go beyond this
Islamic Ruling on Horoscopes and Astrology
The excuse due to Ignorance
al-Fawzaan : Can the Arabs be given the excuse of Ignorance in clear matters of shirk in Aqeedah
Better Living through Islam

Cigarette Smoking – Is it Haraam (unlawful) in Islam ?
The Characteristics of a Wali of Allah
When should we say “Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa Billaah”?
Watching football games / cricket games and other such events on television.
Tawakkul and Subsequent Actions
Testimony without Certainity and Knowledge is a False Testimony
Using credit cards is haraam even if you pay up within the time limit
Ruling on reciting the Qur’an during working hours
Hypocrisy of Actions
Psychology: Recommended Readings
Is it permissible to delay payment of salaries to employees?
Fearing Hypocrisy
Achieving happiness and contentment through Islam
What dua should a parent say for a child who is sick ?
Indications that Allah is pleased with His servant
Keeping Sins a Secret
Beneficial Advices by Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Saleh Ibn Al-Uthaimeen (rahimahullah)
The Four Pillars of Kufr by Ibnil-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
Ruqya (healing with the Quraan and Duaa)
Ruling on reciting Qur’an and blowing into water
Ruqyah by weting the finger with saliva and touching the dust with it, then wiping with this finger at the place of pain
Quran and its Sciences

Prohibition of Explaining the Quran by mere Opinion
The Quran abrogates all the previous scriptures
How Tafsîr is Performed
Preserving the Qur’an against distortion
Useful books of Tafsir , Hadith and Fiqh
Muhammad Asad’s translation of the Qur’an banned by the Muslim World League
Tafseer of Selected Verses
Success is only Achieved by Performing Righteous Deeds, not Wishful Thinking
Ultimate Victory will be for the believers but only after succeeding in Trials
How to understand Allah’s saying in the Qur’an regarding ‘No Forgiveness for Shirk’ and that ‘He Forgives them, who Repent’
Meaning of “You are the successors of Allah on earth”
Sunnah and Hadith

Status of the Sunnah in Islam and the sources of legislation / Fatwa of Takfeer on the Hadeeth-Rejectors (Allamah Ibn Baaz)
Our attitude concerning da’eef (weak) ahaadeeth which speak of good deeds
How can we identify the Da‘if (weak) Hadith. Are there sixty-four Da‘if Hadith Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim
Blameworthy Taqleed (blind-following) compared to following the scholars
What is Imitation (taqleed), and what is following the evidence (daleel)
Praying behind each other despite differences in branches of jurisprudence; the obligations and invalidators of prayer. Those who say otherwise are upon misguidance and Bidah
On those who villify the Imams as corruptors of the religion, and accuse their followers as kafir
Imam Ash-Shafiee’s pivotal quote on Taqleed
Taqleed: Short comprehensive explanation
Those not qualified to arrive at legal decisions through the evidence, must ask the scholars who are knowledgeable in Shariah
Ruling on the validity of Salah offered after eating camel meat without performing Wudu
Fiqhi Differences not a hurdle in brotherhood; A Message to the Striving Scholars of Afghanistan by Shaikh Ibn Baaz
Schools of Jurisprudence / Role of the four Imams in serving Islam
Not all types of Taqlid are judged to be disbelief, dissolution or Shirk
Following a Madhhab (Permanent Committee Fatwa)
The Balanced approach towards the issue of following madhhabs
The difference between different ideological groups and the fiqhi madhhabs
Ijtihaad and Taqleed [from Allamah Ibn Uthaymeen's book, Al-Usool min Ilimil Usool]
Weak and Fabricated narrations
The Hadith: ‘One scholar is more difficult for Satan to allure than a thousand worshippers.’
Acts of Worship and their Rulings

Istikharah (The Prayer for Seeking Guidance)
Shaikh Ibn Baaz explains Ibaadah and Obedience (in a letter to Moulana Mawdudi)
Ruling on reciting Qur’aan for another person, living or dead
Taharah (purity)
Touching the private parts invalidate the Wudoo.
The Month of Muharram
Recommendation to fast Taasooa with Ashoora
Ruling on singling out Ashoora for fasting
Prayer (Salaah)
Ruling on offering two supererogatory Rakahs after the `Asr Prayer
Offering Salah in Masjids with graves in them
Woman leading other women in congregational Salah
Salah behind Imams of unknown creed
whoever catches up with the imaam in rukoo’ has caught up with the rak’ah
Ruling on pointing one’s feet towards the qiblah
Ruling on the pause made by Imam after reciting Al-Fatihah
Is there a difference in the way men and women prostrate?
Du`a after the obligatory prayers
Praying in half-sleeves and bare-headed
Moving whilst praying
Fasting and Ramadaan
Observing voluntary fasts (Shabaan, ‘Arafah, ‘Ashoora’) when one still owes days from Ramadaan
Who should Fast and who should not Fast? Should a child be allowed to fast?
People who are Granted Permission to Break their Fast
The Duration of Fasting
The Intention of Fasting
The Sunnah of Fasting
Actions Permitted while Fasting or Actions which Do not Nullify the Fast
Applying Kohl; Eye, Ear or Nose Drops; Wearing Perfumes, Oiling the Hair, Taking Injections, Bloodletting, Unintentional Vomiting – Effect of Medicines and Medical Treatments on Fasting
Actions that should be Avoided during Fasting
Actions which Nullify the Fast and Require al-Qadha
Actions which Nullify the Fast and Require both, al-Qadha and al-Kaffarah
Some Oft-Quoted Weak Ahaadeeth about Ramadaan
The Start of Ramadaan
Sighting the new moon is compulsory and it cannot be replaced by astronomical calculations.
It is Not Allowed for a Few People to Isolate themselves and Initiate Ramadan or Celebrate Eid
Taraweeh or Qiyaam al-Layl (Night Prayers in Ramadaan)
Saying an equal number of Rak‘ahs of Tarawih should be adhered to through out the month of Ramadaan
Eid al-Fitr
Abandoning Eid prayer and the permissibility for women to offer Eid prayer
Some Mistakes done in Eid
Ruling on Congratulations and Greetings on Eid
Takbeer of Eid
Zakaat and Sadaqaat
Giving zakaah to one who is seeking worldly knowledge
Publishing Islamic books is a Sadaqah Jariyah
The Month of Shabaan
The middle of Shabaan should not be singled out for worship
The status of Hajj in Islam, and the conditions of it being obligatory
Visiting the Prophet’s Mosque
The greatest day of Hajj
The history of Hajj
Is it better to repeat Hajj for himself or to do Hajj on behalf of his relatives?
How can your Hajj be accepted?
Obligation of performing Hajj straightaway
Ruling on one who sends his parents for Hajj when he has not done Hajj for himself
Hajj is better than charity
He does not know the rituals of Hajj and he wants to do Hajj
Virtues of the Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah
‘Umrah during the months of Hajj
Changing one’s mind after thinking of going on Hajj or ‘Umrah
Standing at the Black Stone and blocking tawaaf
A brief history of al-Masjid al-Haraam in Makkah
How many times did the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) perform ‘Umrah?
Drinking from Zamzam is mustahabb, not obligatory
“Labbayk Allaahumma labbayk” – what does it mean?
Eid al-Adha
Is it recommended to fast ten days of Dhu’l-Hijjah, including the day of Eid?
Eid al-Adhaa (The Festival of Sacrifice)
Description of Eid prayer
Days of ‘Arafah and Tashreeq
What is the ruling on climbing up Jabal al-Rahmah (the Mount of Mercy) on the day of ‘Arafah and praying atop this mountain?
Virtues of the Day of Arafaah
The days of Tashreeq
Things that are forbidden in ihraam
Why is it haraam for the pilgrim to wear sewn garments?
Udhiyah – What should be eaten and what should be given away?
Conditions of udhiyah
The Udhiyah of a sheep is sufficient for a man and his family, while a camel or a cow is enough for seven
Mistakes during Hajj
Mistakes made on the way to Muzdalifah and in Muzdalifah
Mistakes and hastening on the eleventh day of Dhu’l-Hijjah
Mistakes made during the Farewell tawaaf
Mistakes made when entering ihraam for Hajj on the day of al-Tarwiyah
Biography (Seerah)

Who is al-Khadir?
Is al-Kihdr living on the face of the earth?
The Prophet’s Biography
Why did Allah call the unjust treaty of Hudaybiyah, a Manifest Victory?
Lessons from the peace treaty of Hudaibiyah
The First Three Generations
Indications from the Prophet (saw) that AbuBakr (raa) will succeed him
The view of Ahl al-Sunnah towards the Sahaabah and the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Siddeeq
The Imams
al-Haafiz Al-Suyooti
The Aqeedah of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah and the praise of the imams for him
The Scholars
Was Shaykh Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Wahhab’s call based on Takfir?
The misnomer, Wahhabism
Did Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab rebel against the Ottoman Caliphate and what was the reason for its fall?
Innovations (Bidah), Sins and Unislamic Traditions

Refuting those who celebrate the Mawlid
Celebrating Valentines Day – Permanent Committee Fatawa
Nasheeds, there is no good in them – Shaikh Al-Fawzaan
Halalah marriage is haraam and invalid
The meaning of – Gradual Untying the Knots of Islam
To whom should ba’yah (pledge of allegiance) be given?
Forcing a woman to marry a certain relative
Ruling on Isbal (lengthening and trailing clothing below the ankles)
Are Modern Nasheeds which contain Tunes and Vocal Sound Effects Permissible?
Mentioning the good and bad qualities of the one being warned against
Ruling on celebrating Valentine’s Day
Allamah Ibn Baaz on Nationalism and that it is from the calls of pre-Islamic Ignorance (Jahiliyyah)
Bidah (innovation)
Meaning of the hadeeth, ‘Whosoever introduces a good practice in Islam…’
Sects, Groups and Refutations

Reading the books of the people of misguidance
How to behave when there are different sects
False Claimants to being the Mahdi
Should We Cooperate with Dr. Zakir Naik?
Clarification on Dr. Zakir Naik’s reply on the Punishment for Apostasy (riddah) in Islam
Ascribing to the way of the Salaf or the Ahlul-Hadith
Shahrukh Khan and his utterances of Major Kufr
Shaikh Abdullah al-Farsi on Shahrukh Khan’s utterances of Major Kufr
Comments on the review, “Zakir Naik on NDTV talk show – A Review”
Ahmed Deedat (rahimahullah) – Inappropriate hand gestures and belittling fiqh discussions
Ahmed Deedat’s flattery of Khomeini (May Allah’s Laanah be upon Khomeini)
‘Maro Sale Ko’ technique of debate: Ahmed Deedat teaching Dr Zakir Naik (2)
1. Zakir Naik rebuting a common person (1)
2. Zakir Naik rebuting a common person (2)
3. No one calls himself Salaf unless they are completely ignorant of the Arabic language
4. Zakir Naik on Al-Albaani’s (rahimahullah) explanation
5. Zakir Naik On the example of the hypocrites
6. Zakir Naik scandalizing the Salafis
7. Dr. Zakir Lies about shaikh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah (rahimahullah)
8. Zakir Naik: I have met many scholars!!!
9. Dr. Zakir Lies about Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen (rahimahullah)
10. Zakir Naik – Different views on the word salafi
Clarification of Shaikh Ghunaimaan’s statement on Ash’aris being Ahlus-Sunnah
Who are the Ash’aris
Explanation of, ‘The Hand of Allâh is over their hands’ [Surah Al-Fath:10]
Learning from Ash’ari shaykhs/scholars
Statement on the sect of Asha`irah
Is it permissible to understand the meaning of Istiwa as straightness?
Where is Allah? Is He over His `Arsh (Throne) or is He everywhere? What is the ruling on one who claims that Allah is everywhere?
Comments on the book entitled ”Safwat Al-Tafasir” by Al-Sabuny and his Ta’wil of Ayat-ul-Sifat
The word Ayd, ‘With power did We construct the heaven’ – is derived from a different word that means strength, and has nothing to do with the plural form of
Shaikh Ibn Baaz’s reply on Muhammad Ali Al-Sabuny, the Ash’ari
Is the Madh-hab of Al-Asha`irah True or False
Al-Asha`irah are not of Ahl-ul-Sunnah because they do not affirm the Attributes
The Saved Sect and its qualities
Modernists, Hadeeth-Rejectors and the Interfaith hoax (Wahdat al-Adyaan)
Women participating in Politics
The Young Marriage of Aishah
Ruling on denying any Had (prescribed punishment) [Permanent Committee Fatawa]
Rebuking those who claim Hijab to a cultual tradition, and not a religious obligaion
Rashad Khaleefa and the no. 19 hoax
The Hadeeth of Najd
The reality of Unusual Activities near Graves and Tombs [from al-Qaidah al-Jaliliyah by Shaikh ul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah]
Prayer behind Bareilwis
Graves are not a place for answering Du`a’ (supplication) – Allamah Ibn Baaz
Praying behind a sufi imam
Is the Prophet (peace be upon him) alive in his grave [i.e. return of his soul to his body], or is he alive as the life of Al-Barzakh (period between death and the Resurrection) [with no legal liabilities or obligations]?
Ruling on using the title “Qutb” or “Ghawth”
On the hadeeth, “Do not be too strict with yourselves, for some people were strict on themselves and Allaah was strict on them…”
Verifying the Hadith: “If you are confused regarding certain matters, seek the help of the dwellers of the graves”
The Hadeeth of Blind Man
Karamaat of the Awliyaa by Shaikh Saaleh bin Fawzaan
Was the Prophet (sallallahu alaihe wasallam) noor (light) or bashar (a human being)? Did he have a shadow?
The Characteristics of a Wali of Allah
Following Soofi Tareeqahs
Issues related to seeing the Prophet (sallallahu alaihe wasallam) in a dream and in wakefulness
Jamaat Tableegh and the Deobandis
The Jamaat Tableegh and the Deobandis – A Critical analysis of their Beliefs, Books and Dawah.
The approach of the Jamaat Tabeegh in insisting upon specific days for their activities
Fatawa of the scholars on the Jamaa’at Tablegh
Did the Prophet shake ar-Rifaee’s hand from the grave?
The Tableegis approach and sysem of dawah not supported by the Book and Sunnah
Additional issues
Does the Prophet (peace be upon him) hear every call and supplication made at his grave?
Is there a special prayer for seeing the Prophet in dreams?
Allah is the only One Who knows one’s inner self
Do the prophets (peace be upon them) hear and see after their death? Is there any proof to support this claim?
Tasarruf – the greatest Kufr
Who are the Maturidiyyah/Maatreediyyah?
Murjia (Irjaa)
Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon
Extremism, Takfeer and Rebellion
OBL … How do the scholars view his ideology?
This is Suroorism so Beware of it! – Shaikh Muqbil bin Haadee Al-Waadiee
Shi’ism (Rafidah)
Did the Prophet appoint ‘Ali as khaleefah?
The Shi’ah claim that the Sahaabah did not attend the funeral of the Prophet
On those who vilify Abu Bakr (raa) for not the land of Khaybar as fatimah’s (raa) inheritance
Ruling on invoking Alee (rahiallahualhu), Hassan or Hussain
Our attitude towards Yazeed ibn Muaawiyah
What the Shiah do on Ashoora is bidah (innovation) and misguidance
Aashoorah: Celebration or Mourning
Ismailis and the Fatimi state
A glimpse at the Ubaydi (Fatimid) state – its origins and beliefs
Who are the Ismailis ?
Miscelaneous groups
Qadiyanism: A Brief Survey
Way of the Salaf and how to call to it?
self-correction, self-reflection and clarifying misconcepions

Advice of shaykh Saalih Aal Shaykh to those who Call to as-Salafiyyah
Making a big issue of minor issues of disagreement
Arguing on fiqhi issue, claming that to be establishing the sunnah
The best way of giving advice and making Da`wah
Slandering callers and reformers
Comprehensive advice on dealing with Duaat who have fallen into error, and how to correct them.
Extremely Important article on the definition of Diviation and Sects
Shaikh Al-Fawzaan: About naming with, ‘Salafiyyah’ or so-and-so as-Salafi or al-Atharee and other such titles
Al-Albaani : Caution!!! Self-importance and Hautiness of the Duaat can wipe-out the good effects of the Islamic awakening
Praying behind an Imam who has fallen into Bid’ah
How do we keep steadfast upon the way of the Salaf [Shaikh Al-Fawzaan]
The Essential Relationship between the youth and the scholars of Islam [Shaikh al-Fawzaan]
Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil, Significance, Manner and Approach [Shaikh al-Fawzan]
The Prohibition of engaging in dawah without Knowledge [Shaikh al-Fawzaan]
Is ignorance an excuse in matters of Aqeedah? [Allamah ibn Baaz and Shaikh al-Fawzaan]
The Salaf’s Way of Dealing with Differences and their Unity
Denying the Sunnah is of two types – a denial with regards to interpretation or a denial of rejection
How to Read the Books of the People of Knowledge
What is blameworthy extremism?
Islamic Movements and the Role of Youth
The right to speak on affairs of public benefit and welfare, fiqhul-maqaasid (objectives/goals of the Sharee’ah) and Clinging to the Jamaa’ah
Keeping away from the innovators, their gatherings and books
Not permissible for those who lack knowledge to enter into discussions / arguments with skeptic and misguided people
What is the Salafi Dawah (call)
Knowledge and its excellence

Relationship between Knowledge and Taqwa
Effective Studying Tips
It is impermissible for a person to remain ignorant.
Muslims should not waste their time reading unless it will benefit their Din and worldly affairs.
Books which the seeker of Islamic knowledge should obtain – Allamah Ibn Uthaymeen
The Difference between a Student of Knowledge and a Student of the Internet
Some people read intellectual and cultural books, then think that they have become a scholar or a Daee
Speaking About Allah (subhaanahu wa-taalah) Without Knowledge
Definition of Knowledge which is praised by Allah in the Qur’aan and Sunnah
Role and Virtues of the Scholars
Differences in Opinion
Is it permissible for a Muslim to choose the easiest scholarly opinion?
Unbiased Scholars
It is not permissible to glorify the traces of scholars so as to avoid exceeding the proper limits and falling into Shirk

Do non-Muslims have the right to call people to their religion?
The best approach to do Dawah
Avoid violence and roughness against those whom you call to Islam
How to give da`wah to youngsters?
Ibn Baaz : Using the mass-media for dawah
Giving Dawah according to a person’s temprament – Allamah Ibn Baaz
Ibn Baaz : Morals and Etiquettes of the Duaat (callers) to Allah
Ibn Baaz: Youth should not abandon Media fields and leave them to the ignorant and those deviated from the truth
Dawah to non-Muslims is extra gain, whereas Dawah to Muslims is securing the assets [Shaikh Saalim at-Taweel]
… with Sabr (being patient upon harm
Balancing priorities and being steadfast
On Various Dawah Groups
… with Baseerah (Knowledge and Insight)
Knowledge required by one who calls people to Allah
… with Hikmah (wisdom)
The worshippers in his mosque do innovations and wrong actions – how should he advise them?
Refraining from denouncing some people in order to soften their hearts
Usool al-Fiqh

Rulings on ijtihaad in Islam and the conditions to be met by the mujtahid
Ijtihad in matters of Ma`lum minad-din biddarurah (what is known from the religion by necessity)
What is wrong with the book ‘Reminding the Supported Sect of some Abandoned Sunan
Situation of Compulsion that makes Haraam, Halaal
Is adopting Rukhsah (concession) in religious matters
When a questioner who does not find textual evidence convincing and seeks logic-based evidence
Family, Marriage and the upbringing of Children

Father uses obscene language, calls them names and insults his children badly
Ruling on visiting a Muslim brother whose earnings are from fixing cassettes and radios
Should the parents send their children to the school, if the schools may corrupt the children’s upbringing
How children can honour their parents
Rights of brothers and sisters
Teaching about the Creator in simple terms
Marriage is just not lust, and the woman is not merely pleasure and enjoyment
How do we smack our children to make them pray?
The Muslim Woman’s dress (Abayah / Jilbab) as prescribed in the Shariah
Marraige Contracts & Divorces
A husband divorced his wife thrice in one pronouncement. Is it considered one time of divorce or three?
A man divorcing his wife three times has to be examined in detail
Conditions for valid marriage contract
Ruling on civil marriage
Khula’: definition and how it is done
Can a ‘normal’ muslim recite khutbah al Nikaah for marriage?
Khutbah al-Haajah
Does she have to execute her father’s will that she should marry her cousin (son of her paternal aunt)
The meaning of – Ability to get Married
The Ummah, its History and Current Affairs

Shaikh Ibn Baaz: Appeal to the Afghan Mujahid leaders to end infighting post soviet withdrawal
Fatawa of the Permanent Committee concerning Usama bin Laden and the organization al-Qaeda
Role of the khaleefah of the Muslims?
Attitude towards fitnah
Advice for King Faysal ibn Abdul-Aziz concerning Dawah
Advice for Muslim rulers and scholars
Ibn Baaz’s fatwa in support of the war against the soviets
How can the Ummah be united once again? An interview with Allamah Ibn Baaz (rahimahullah)
Denouncing the socialist regime in Iraq – telegram
Sheikh Abdulaziz Aal al-Sheikh on Bin Ladin and al-Qaida (interview with Asharq al-Awsat)
Teminologies and Concepts

Hijrah and its Conditions

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